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Metro Atlanta texting while driving, DUIs, & other car wreck

None of us are prepared for a motor vehicle collision—but they can happen in an instant, and wrecks can lead to significantly dire results that will last a lifetime.

You may drive safely, but negligent and inattentive drivers who use mobile phones, or drink and drive, or speed can expose you to the danger of a wreck.  Texting while driving, especially, is a new threat to road safety in metro Atlanta and can result in horrible accidents.

The risks of texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving

At present, I am particularly involved in metro-Atlanta cases against distracted drivers, including instances of texting while driving, other mobile phone use, or just plainly obvious unsafe driving, like applying cosmetics while behind the wheel, or shaving!

On the Semi-Daily Blog, I've highlighted the most recent statistics involving distracted drivers and the harm they are causing on the roadway in this day and age of smart phones, GPS devices and personal computers in vehicles.

I have handled the legal aspects of auto collisions for consumers—people like you—hundreds of times.   Auto collisions in these busy times are abundant, but when it happens to you, your injuries and concerns are unique.  You deserve the best of representation for the difficult road ahead.

Protect yourself from negligent or distracted driving

If your injuries are serious, a qualified lawyer is the key to recovering the compensation to which you are entitled due to a negligent driver's actions.  When a loved one is killed in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian collision, survivors have a claim against the negligent driver, the driver's employer (potentially) and the applicable insurance company.

Over the years, I have negotiated to settlement or tried cases against drivers who were insured by most auto insurance companies that you can name.  I won't bash the insurance industry; it has been bashed enough for its anti-consumer strategies, but I will say this:  

Insurance companies and their adjusters are not on your side.

They will look diligently for any reason to minimize your claim.   This law firm can do the talking, and has the experience, patience and determination to assure your fair treatment by insurance companies.

Preliminarily, what can you do:

  • Do get seen at the hospital or your doctor if you are injured, so that the extent of your injuries can be assessed.
  • Don't give a statement to the at-fault driver's insurance company, because your recorded statement will be used against you down the road to either reduce your damages or blame you for the wreck.
  • Do obtain witness names and numbers, if you are able to, so that your qualified lawyer can quickly interview them.  Eyewitnesses can be the difference between a strong case and a weak case.
  • Don't miss a doctor's appointment, or fail to follow through with any of your healthcare provider's instructions.
  • Do notify your auto insurance agent of the wreck as soon as possible.  This is a contractual duty you have with your insurance company, and there may be available coverage to assist you even when the collision is caused by the other driver.
  • Do understand the potential that your medical bills can be paid by several insurance sources, and that a qualified lawyer will be able to navigate through these options for you.
  • Do understand that if your auto claim is settled, there may be valid liens from health insurance companies or other payors of your medical bills that you need to be aware of, and that a qualified lawyer will be able to navigate this area for you.
  • Do understand that there may be multiple insurance companies who might be legally required to pay your proveable damages, which is critical in the most serious injury cases, and that a qualified lawyer will be able to uncover all sources of insurance coverage for your case.
  • Do understand that there are many, many more considerations, other than your getting proper medical treatment and healing from your injuries, that all auto wreck victims need to know about.  Again, a qualified lawyer will be able to fully address the issues with you.

It costs you nothing to have your potential claim evaluated by this firm.  If you have suffered a serious injury and would like me to review your claim, contact me.

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